Highly engaged employees and customers create greater value through better performance. Increased Sales and
stronger brand loyalty. Recognition programs drive higher levels of engagement across your workforce. Loyalty programs form deeper bonds with your most valued customers. The results speak for themselves.


What do your customer and employee aspirations have to do with your business? Quite a bit if you want to build performance. Inspire the people who drive your business and motivate them to do the extraordinary things that make a difference – everyday.


Showing appreciation is the hallmark of recognition, and why we choose to reward customers and employees. A broad rewards portfolio means you can create a unique experience or recognition moment that reflects the achievement and loyalty your people deserve.

Spot Rewards Programs

With Select an Award gift card you’re giving a lasting reminder of your appreciation.
We make ordering simple for you and redeeming quick for your recipients.

Simple and efficient for you
• Just select your award category from the (8) levels valued between $50 and $1000
• Select An Award cards are for you to distribute to your recipients
• No Set-up costs or additional fees
• All shipping, handling and sales taxes are included in the pricing

Reward Points Programs

Drive Engagement and Performance While Delivering Results
From out-of-the box programs that require minimal setup to custom solutions that meet your specific requirements, our flexible web-based technology capabilities will fit your needs. Our systems allow for multiple programs to operate within one platform, giving your participants the ability to combine all their reward points into one personal account.

Salesforce Incentives

Elite Incentives comprehensive approach supports all your sales channel incentive management activities. From participant registration and activity sales tracking, to detailed reporting by channel, department, or location, our solutions can help your teams exceed their business goals and achieve success.

Length of Service Awards

When you formally recognize and reward someone for their service to your company, you can:
• Increase employee retention
• Drive long-term organizational success
• Value important employees
• Demonstrate the importance of staying with your organization
Rewarding employee loyalty isn’t just the right thing to do for employees who have spent so much time and energy working for your company. Its also the smart thing to do.

Workplace Wellness Program

Wellness Pays
Successful wellness programs reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, reduce burnout and improve retention rates. In short, supporting the well-being of your employees also supports the well-being of your company.

Consumer Loyalty Programs

Consumer Loyalty Programs remain one of the most important marketing tools available to acquire, engage, grow, and retain customers. And there are many levers you can adjust to market needs, but none more influential than your rewards program. This is the reason consumers join your program – the promise of a meaningful reward at the end of their buying journey. Elite Incentives allows you to put the most engaging reward offerings front and center with your customers every day.

Name brand merchandise for your Incentive, Sales and Recognition program.
Elite Incentives is also your resource for corporate meetings, gifting, and special events.